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DateName of publicationSummary
26/05/2017Deloitte AlertsEuropean Council of Ministers agrees new directive on tax dispute resolution mechanisms
26/05/2017BEPS AlertBEPS Action 8: Hard-to-Value Intangibles – Implementation Guidance for Tax Administrations
31/03/2017Deloitte AlertsAmendments to UK Country-by-Country Reporting to Tax Authorities
24/03/2017Deloitte AlertsDeloitte Interest Restriction Alert March 2017
07/03/2017Deloitte AlertsHungary International Tax Update
24/02/2017European Union Tax AlertsEuropean Council of Ministers agrees to extend rules on hybrid mismatches: Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive 2
17/02/2017Deloitte AlertsDeloitte Cash Pooling Alert February 2017
04/02/2017Deloitte AlertsDeloitte Interest Restriction Alert 17
07/12/2016Deloitte AlertsFinance Bill 2017: Draft legislation on Tax Deductibility of Corporate Interest Expense
07/12/2016Deloitte AlertsFinance Bill 2017: Draft legislation on Salary Sacrifice
30/11/2016BEPS AlertBEPS Action 15: OECD releases the finalised text of the multilateral instrument to modify bilateral tax treaties
28/10/2016BEPS AlertBase Erosion and Profit Shifting: Action 14: More Effective Dispute Resolution Mechanisms – Peer Reviews
28/10/2016European Union Tax AlertsEU Re-launches Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base
08/07/2016BEPS AlertBEPS Actions 8-10: Discussion Draft on Revised Guidance on Profit Splits
08/07/2016BEPS AlertBEPS Action 7: Discussion Draft on Attribution of Profits to Permanent Establishments
10/06/2016BEPS AlertEU Council Directive 2016/881
17/03/2016Budget SpecialBudget Special Bulletin
16/03/2016Budget SpecialWeekly VAT News Budget Special
10/03/2016BEPS AlertUK Alert Country-by-Country Regulations 4 March 2016

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